Why SEO Works For Tradesmen.

Most of the tradesmen out there are busy doing their job and they may have no time quoting for new work. Because of this, many tradesmen question the need to use SEO on their website. They argue that they are very busy and it can even be difficult for them to find time for lunch, so why should they focus on their websites? However, what they need to know is that there are many people who move into an area without any contacts for good tradesmen. Such people rely on the internet to help them find good tradesmen who can meet their needs. So, those tradesmen who don’t use their web presence are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Why SEO works for tradesmen (and women)

Can help them grow their business

Enquiries through a site can enable long-term planning of both work and resources. This is a better way to hearing about a job through word of mouth. It enables tradesmen to grow their business and understand the busiest days of the year. This helps them plan accordingly. Having an optimised website will also enable a tradesman to know the aspects of their business that are in demand and help them develop those aspects. In the same way, it will help them drop those services that are not cost-effective.

Increases their revenue

Did you know that a tradesman can charge more money when they rank highly on major search engines search engines? This is usually the case especially for those tradesmen who are at the top of page 1 of Google. Why? People out there are willing to pay more for services that are credible and professional. This is why tradesmen should focus on optimizing their websites.

A good source of business leads

Relying on word of mouth to market a business can at times be a bad idea as it only takes one or two bad jobs or customers to damage your reputation. It is impossible to satisfy each and every customer out there but SEO can help tradesmen show their customers what you are really capable of and help them deal with dissatisfied customers.

Helps a tradesman expand into different localities

Due to the fact that SEO can help a business increase its customer base, tradesmen can expand their business to wider areas. This is due to the fact that many people throughout the region the tradesman operates can easily find the tradesman’s website.  A tradesman with a website that ranks highly on major search engines such as Google is an indication of credibility and respectability. It shows customers that a tradesman has a well-organized business with resources to market their business. Apart from this, having an optimised website that ranks highly on major search engines shows a customer that a tradesman business must be good.

Increased branding

The branding on a tradesman’s website colours, logo and so on is recognisable to customers. Therefore, even if a customer does not know a certain tradesman’s services by name, they can associate their brand with the services that a tradesman offers.

The Best Types Of Marketing For Trade Businesses


Digital Marketing for tradesmenWhether you have just started a trade business or have an established business, you might be looking for ways to attract business without breaking the bank. There are many marketing strategies out there to take your trade business to the next level. Hence, you have to be very careful when choosing the best types of marketing for your trade business. Here are some of the best types of marketing for trade businesses:

Established Brand

If you own a start-up or small trade business, email marketing is one of the best methods of establishing brand loyalty. You can collect the email addresses of highly targeted customers out there and send trade and event notifications to them. But you should be careful as to not spam these customers by bombarding them with regular sales pitches. Make sure that you offer them quality content through your email marketing campaigns so that they begin to trust your brand. Once you have established yourself as an authority in the industry, it is easier to get new customers and convert them. A higher conversion rate means more profits for your company in the long run.

Marketing on Google

Online marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that can help take your business to the next level. Search engine optimization is a part of online marketing – which you should be using to improve the rankings of your official website. A site that ranks on the first page of Google and the other search engines get the bulk of traffic for a particular keyword. The latest research reveals that more than 75% of visitors will never check the second page on Google when searching for a product or service to buy. If your business is not ranking on the top 5 spots of Google, you will lose a large share of traffic and revenue to your competition. That is why you need to take advantage of SEO when planning to take your trade business to the next level.

Social Media

Social media marketing is another effective type of marketing for your trade business. It is effective and affordable at the same time. It helps your business build a strong relationship with the customers. Social media improves the brand awareness and trustworthiness of your business. That is why you need to invest in a good social media marketing campaign for your trade business in order to take it to the next level.

Getting To Know The World Of Tradespeople

Electrician Tradesperson

There are many trades in which people make a living, so to narrow down what tradespeople do is somewhat difficult, but there are a number of similarities among them. Essentially, they are the ones that have built the world around us as we know it and deserve a great deal of credit for their ingenuity and hard work. Working in the trades is very mentally and physically demanding work, and should be recognised as such.

While there are a number of people that go to school to learn about a trade, the most common manner in which they learn the most is by doing apprenticeships. This involves learning through work the skills that someone else has already mastered through years in the field. Typically it does not pay well if it pays at all, but it gives the apprentice valuable lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

To break from the role of apprenticeship requires that the individual has gained a certain level of knowledge. They do not necessarily have to be a master at what they do, but they need to be able to do a great deal within their field without supervision. This is a stage in which the person they are learning under has to agree that they are ready. It is not always a formal understanding, but it can be, depending on the trade and whether or not it is union work.

The number of trades is many, but the most common are construction workers, plumbers, electricians, road construction workers, carpet and flooring layers, drywallers, remodelers and concrete layers. There are many more, but essentially it is anyone that possesses a skill that is able to improve the quality of lives of others through physical labor.

See full list of trades

Once tradespeople have reached the skill level to break free, if they wish, there are a number of capacities in which they might work. They might decide to start their own business to provide their services, but this can be difficult as they need to have the necessary tools at hand. A common desire is to do union work, which tends to be the highest paying source for skilled labor. Some also work for the government, which is known to pay well as well.

Regardless of which avenue they take, there is always a demand for their knowledge. They possess skills earned through hard work and deserve respect. They often are doing work most people do not know how to do, or simply would not want to.

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